Future Education Institute (FEDI) is a German, Singaporean and Swiss education institute that aims to prepare students from Southeast Asia for a successful academic and professional career in German-speaking Europe region - DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

FEDI envisions the evolution of the educational system to adapt to the changing needs of society, technology, and the workforce in the years to come. The concept of the Future Education Institute is constantly evolving to meet the demands of society.


  • Customization and Personalization

    Learning experiences at FEDI are tailored to meet individual students' needs and preferences. Instead of being the sole source of information, our professors and experts serve as facilitators and guides, helping students navigate their individual learning paths. Each student receives individualized learning plans that outline their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences.  

  • Project-Based and Experiential Learning

    FEDI places a greater emphasis on project-based learning (PBL) and experiential learning. PBL often involves structured projects with specific goals and outcomes, whereas experiential learning can encompass a broader range of activities, including internships, field trips, simulations, and even spontaneous learning moments in everyday life. Both project-based learning and experiential learning emphasize active engagement, critical thinking, and real-world relevance. 

  • Global and Cultural Awareness

    FEDI focuses on fostering global and cultural awareness. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, global competence is becoming more important for the workforce. Individuals with strong global and cultural awareness are better prepared for careers that require international travel, collaboration with diverse teams, and a profound understanding of global markets. Through our professors, experts, programs and networks in the DACH region, FEDI ensures that students are encouraged to comprehend and appreciate diverse perspectives and engage in international collaboration and cultural exchange.

  • Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

    In addition to acquiring academic knowledge, FEDI emphasizes the cultivation of soft skills and emotional intelligence, including communication, empathy, adaptability, and resilience. Developing soft skills and emotional intelligence are important parts of personal and professional development that play a big part in one's success and well-being. It is often considered that they are complementary and interconnected, as emotional intelligence encompasses some soft skills.


Roy Simon, M.D., M.Sc.
Managing Director/ Founder
Prof. Dr. Lothar Nadler
Board Academic
Jana Nothjelfer, M.Sc., MBA
Healthcare Management
Dipl. -Wirtsch.-Ing. Markus Kammerer, MBA
Information Technology and Data Science
Thorina Wolf, M.Sc.
Information Technology and Data Science
Rainer Speicher, M.Sc.
Information Technology and Data Science
Marco Miller, M.Sc.
Banking and Financial Services
Yannick Volken, M.Sc.
Banking and Financial Services
Angelina Brendel, M.Sc.
Business Consultancy and Management
Eric Tedja, M.Sc
Business Consultancy and Management


What steps can we take to shape the future of education for the upcoming generation? We are committed to collaborating to shape the future of education.